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Welcome to Wind & Water School of Feng Shui

YOU can create life-changing environments for yourself and others through the power of Feng Shui. Small adjustments in your living and working spaces can result in BIG changes.

Join us for beginner and advanced classes to learn more about the power of Feng Shui!

  • Learn about small changes with big impacts
  • Align your space with your goals
  • Discover key areas of your home and what they mean
  • Change your challenges into advantages
  • Connect with yourself on a deeper level

Recent News

  • Register for the Navigate the Voyage FREE Info Call on Jan 30, 2019! (Program starts in March)
  • Year of the Pig FREE webinar; learn what 2019 holds for you. Register here
  • Chinese New Year Retreat, Feb 2, 9a-4p. Virtual attendance available. More info

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  • What's Up with the Year of the Pig?
    What’s Up with the Year of the Pig?
    by Carole Hyder In the last few years, I’ve noticed the proliferation of stories about people having pigs as pets. We’re finding out that pigs are kind, gentle, and very, very smart. Last summer I saw two pigs on leashes tethered to a car while the owner...
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  • Toys: A Feng Shui Approach
    Toys: A Feng Shui Approach
    by Lisa Janusz There’s no escaping the seemingly endless mountain of toys that builds (and builds) when you have children. Sometimes I feel like it multiplies when I’m not looking! I have my methods for trying to keep toys manageable. But even my methods are being tested...
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The training program exceeded my expectations. I am so proud to be a part of the Wind and Water family.
Peggy H

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Founded in 1998, Wind & Water School assists students in expanding their knowledge of Feng Shui.

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Wind & Water School offers you many paths to Feng Shui, from beginner classes to advanced certification.

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