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20th Anniversary Celebration

In 2018, the Wind & Water School celebrated its 20th Anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, a special event was held on 9-9-18 at Pinstripes restaurant in Edina, Minnesota, to honor those who had played a role in the success and longevity of the School.

The School has had, at best count, over 500 people go through the program—8 of them were men. Although the greatest concentration of students came from the upper Midwest, there had been students from New York, Seattle, Vermont, Oklahoma, Texas, Canada and Puerto Rico, to name a few.

Over these 20 years, the certification program has taken several different formats—from being a one-year program, to a two-part two-year program, back to a 9-month program. And its organic tendency didn’t stop at formats. The School was held at 6 different locations in the Twin Cities area, each one providing an appropriate backdrop until it was time to find a bigger place, or a quieter one, or a handicapped accessible site, or a place near the airport.

The event provided a reunion for many students, countless shared stories, and a whole lot of love.

With such a strong foundation behind us, we both look forward to what the future will bring for the School and the community.

—Carole and Lisa

We celebrated with graduates, past clients, friends, and family!

Graduates answered the question, “What does Feng Shui mean to me?”

Feng Shui to me is a lifestyle… an empowering one.
Lisa McCue Janusz

There was even a special song!


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