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20th Anniversary Testimonials

A way of life and provides me with clarity.

Marie Cecilia Dachel Hall

Collective consciousness.

Lisa Rock

Life changing.

Hinda Abrahamson

A way of life.

Amy Randy

Feng Shui is an energetic map to all layers of life.

Darcy McDowell


Su-Yoon Ko

Feng Shui makes my living space feel balanced, brings contentment, and creates a sense of the sacred.

JoAnne Brisse

Marriage—New Vocabulary.

Dorine Doyle King

Inviting harmony.

Patty Nieman

Integrating the wisdom of the ages with the gift of the present.

Elaine Anderson

Be aware of surrounding and create an environment. It is truly a blessing to have Feng Shui as a guide.

Kim Julen

Positive change.

Andrea Chazin

Feng Shui completes the circle.

Ellen Schultz

Intentionally guiding your overall wellbeing.

Kristen Hamborg

Enlightenment and empowerment.

Jessica Hoelzel

Feng Shui to me is a lifestyle… an empowering one.

Lisa McCue Janusz

Provides the tools to improve all areas of life and to achieve your goals and dreams.

Sunhi Ryan

Calm, balance, peace and beauty.

Peggy Hanson

Endless blessings.

Char Tarashanti

A mindful life balanced between Heaven and Earth.

Alice Wenger

Feng Shui is the heartbeat of my life.

Cheryl Larson

Energy, flow, peace. . . .

Pam Scott

Enhancing the flow/balance of energy.

Deb Gieseke

Feng Shui is creating your own private sanctuary.

Mary Supple


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