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On the road again: Feng Shui when you’re not at home

road-691124_1920There’s no argument that Feng Shui applies itself well in residential spaces.  Historically Feng Shui principles were applied to the land, but now it’s mostly used in homes, condos, apartments or rooms.  The goal is to arrange a space so that it supports its occupant.

But what if you travel?  What if you’re in a hotel room or spending days in the car?  What if you’re staying in your elderly cousin’s basement?  What happens to your Feng Shui intentions then?

There are ways to bring your Feng Shui with you regardless of where you go. And it can be an easy yet meaningful way to do so.  Here are some suggestions you can try:

Bring a reminder of your home with you.  This could be a photo of someone you’ve left behind—–your spouse, your children, your cat, etc.  A small photo set up in the darkest circumstances can shed some light your way.  Place it on a dresser or nightstand so you can easily see it and benefit from its positive energy.

If you love gemstones and rocks, bring one from home and put it in your pocket.  By having it on your body, it will be a constant reminder that all the intentions you’ve created in your home are still with you.

Flowers are always a good enhancement.  Picking up a few flowers when you’ve arrived at your destination can be a great temporary Feng Shui adjustment, particularly if there’s a connection back to your home.  A bunch of tulips may remind you of the tulips currently growing in your yard.  Or perhaps you’ve always had a fondness for daisies which can lift your spirits when you’re in a foreign place.

Write down intention words for the trip.  Decide what the optimal outcome would be for the trip you’re about to take.  It could be Family Connection, Successful Business, Self-Reflection, Relaxation.  Write it down on a piece of paper and place it in a red envelope.  Place the envelope where you will see it every day.

Some people thrive on the thrill, excitement and challenges of traveling; others find it tiring and daunting.  Either way, bringing a reminder of a place that is familiar and safe can make your travels more enjoyable.

Be sure to check out Lisa Janusz’ article about maintaining good Feng Shui in your car.

Booked on Feng Shui: Your Books Speak Volumes

by Carole Hyder

Most everyone I know owns books.  Some people have skads of them—so many, in fact, that they’re stored in boxes in the basement.  Others wouldn’t think of keeping them in boxes—so they’re stacked in various corners waiting for the right place to call home.

book-stack-books-education-51342Setting up a library or reading area is always a good plan for someone who owns a lot of books.  The extra bedroom could become a quiet reading spot.  An unused dining room may convert beautifully to a library, complete with floor-to-ceiling shelves and a rolling ladder to access the most remote volume.

Because books represent the opinions and stories of others, they do need Feng Shui consideration for proper integration. Here are some ideas of where books can be appropriately placed and where to avoid putting them.

  1. Books should be maintained in an upright and/or horizontal position.  Since books come in different sizes and colors, they can easily turn into a haphazard display.  I’ve taken to storing the books I have in my office according to color—–it works for me! I’ve seen books arranged according to size, which definitely adds an element of intentional placement to a large bookcase.
  2. Never store books in your bedroom nor under your bed.  Books represent the voice/opinion of the author and therefore bring with them a lot of “noise” and vibration.  Other than the book or two you may be reading at night, store the rest of them elsewhere.
  3. Having a nice arrangement of books near the front door sends a positive message to those who come to visit that you are studious, well-read and intellectual.
  4. Arrange your bookshelves with an artful eye by adding photos, plants, sculpture or mementos.  It will break up the intensity ofthe books and add some eye candy.
  5. When all else fails, use shelves with doors so that the doors can be closed on all the book clutter. It doesn’t solve the underlying problem of too many books or scattered energy, but it does lessen the problem.

Books are our friends, so you want to treat them respectfully and with care.  Sometimes we just need to let them go. Libraries are always looking for used books, as well as used book stores. If it’s no longer being read or appreciated, it may be time to turn the page on your books and bring them to a happy ending.

Welcoming the Year of the Dog

Now that our January New Years commitments and resolutions are put into place, we have the opportunity to review, revise, and re-commit to them by observing the Chinese New Year. The Year of the Dog begins on February 4—-or February 16 if you want to observe the lunar celebration.

Each year the Chinese calendar assigns one of twelve animals to oversee the upcoming events. The Dog is our token animal in 2018.

I think we can all agree that Dogs are friendly, helpful, tail-wagging happy, trainable, forgiving, and loving. For a Dog, everything is new every single day. They love to go places, they love to stay home, they love to eat, they love treats, they pretty much love life. And we all know Dogs are our best friends.

Except when they move into fear. Or when they are trapped into a corner. Or when they have been abused. Then the Dog shows its other side and suddenly our friendly Fido becomes a fierce fiend. Life isn’t so happy anymore for the Dog. It’s possible we will see both sides of the canine this year—the happy one and the ferocious one.

However, the Dog is paired with the element of Earth this year which adds nurturance and protection to the party and could help balance out potential drama. The issue with Earth is it could also slow things down—-which means we may feel like we’re in a rut or we may feel buried (to use Earth metaphors).

Despite these predictions, it will be up to us to figure out how to become the eager and happy version. What the Dog year brings is only the potential external stuff—–we can create our own experience and begin again with a new perspective for 2018.

If you want more specifics about the Year of the Dog, check out the free webinar Lisa Janusz and I did on this very topic.


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