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Feng Shui and Back to School

Back_To_School_Prepby Lisa Janusz

Summer is ending and we’re heading into that time of the year; back to school. Whether you have a little one just starting the scene or one that is heading into graduation year, there is no doubt routines will change. A new school year, like a new job, or any new endeavor, brings with it new energy, excitement and an opportunity to create change. Capitalize on that “newness” by setting your child – or yourself – up for success.


  1. Create structure. You don’t have to write a checklist or get too rigid on this one. But having a plan for the mornings and afternoons can help a child feel empowered (they know what’s happening) and secure. This translates throughout the day.
  2. Micro-manage the bed. The bed is a place for rejuvenation and a place to dream. Make sure it’s comfortable, age appropriate in terms of bedding, has a solid headboard for support and has nothing underneath to disrupt sleep. (Bonus points if you can set it up so when lying in it they can see the door.)
  3. Designate a study spot. Make sure there’s a good chair (another way to “have their back” in Feng Shui) and what they need – pencils, erasers, place for a snack. The importance of the task is communicated by a commitment to it – so in this case, if you think homework is important, show that by having a proper place to do it.
  4. Keep calm. Everything has energy in Feng Shui, so be sure the “things” that surround them during the day and especially at night help create a sense of calm. This might mean covering a bookcase at night, containing toys in baskets or bins, clearing clutter and having room to “breathe.”

These same tips can apply to you if you’re starting a new venture. Have a structure for how you are going to accomplish your goals: designate a time to check email, brainstorm marketing, make calls to clients and prioritizing “to dos.” Also, make sure you have a headboard, don’t store anything under your bed and create a calming room that’s conducive to good rest. Don’t forget a proper desk and high-backed chair, which will add to you feeling supported.

For a few more tips, you can read a past back to school article.

As the new routines become the regular routines, and the days get busier, make a conscious effort to create a calm environment that will serve you and your family. There is so much influence on our energy from what is around us, choose things that spark joy, passion and balance.

Dorm Room Feng Shui

college student wavingBy Lisa Janusz

For many students who have graduated high school this year, this summer is a bittersweet time of enjoying the last months of home and excitement as they plan their next phase of life. Going to college is a big transition, and there are ways you can support it with Feng Shui.

As you know, Feng Shui is all about energy. Sometimes that gets more challenging if you are sharing a space with someone else. They might have different views of what should be occupying your shared “space” and may treat it differently. The key is to focus on what you have control over; even if it’s only a small section of the room.

Here are some tips to support your new adventure in higher education:

  1. If you know the bagua – use it and consider layering it. We usually put it over an entire house’s main floor or an individual room. You can do the same. If you share the room, then just place it over your section/half of the room. Or place it over your desk. For example, you could place your books in the lower left corner of your desk, which is the Skills & Knowledge gua.
  2. Take command of the room if possible. If you can alter the layout, make sure you can see the door when you are sleeping and when you are sitting at your desk. Also make sure you have a headboard to give you support at night. If you don’t, create one with fabric.
  3. Have the space reflect you. You might not have many choices in how the room is arranged, but you have choices in your bedding and accessories. Be sure to have things around you that inspire you and reflect who you are – or want to be. A few childhood/sentimental items are okay, but don’t go overboard with stuffed animals and other juvenile things. You don’t want to get “stuck” in the past.
  4. Keep an eye on clutter. This is especially important for dorm rooms that can be small. Clutter can make you feel overwhelmed, which some students are already feeling with being away from home. Keep your space as “quiet” as you can. Don’t overflow the space with posters and knick-knacks.
  5. Have a proper place for your books and place to study. If you have a desk, keep it open and clear. You shouldn’t have to clean it off every time you want to use it. If you don’t have a desk, or don’t study well in your room, still treat your books with respect. Have a shelf where they go and where you can access them easily.
  6. Have a reminder of home. Do add something special to your space that gives you comfort. This could be a favorite pillow or blanket, or even a family photo. Maybe it’s a scented candle, sachet or something else that has a familiar scent. Whatever gives you that sense of home, give it a special place in your room.

Going off to college is an exciting journey. We wish you all good luck in creating a space that supports you in your new adventure!


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