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Water in the Feng Shui Garden

One of the features that is almost a requirement in a Feng Shui garden is the element of water. “Shui” means water, after all, so it is appropriate to incorporate this element in some way. Water symbolizes flow and movement. It is the place from which all life arises and the place to which it returns. It symbolizes eternity since its flow is perpetual and eternal. Water represents renewal and is used in many ceremonies for that reason.

Carole’s garden was part of the Masters Gardeners tour in Hennepin County, Minnesota. It was unique because it is a Feng Shui garden. True to form, there are several expressions of water in her outdoor space.

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Elements to consider for a Feng Shui garden

By Carole Hyder – Whether gardening in a large space or a small patio, there are some elements to consider if you want to be able to call it a Feng Shui garden. Size does not matter, but intention and layout do.

flower1Before starting, it is important you determine the overall feeling or theme you want to express. Do you want to use the garden for quiet time? Do you want to amble through your flowers to get inspired? Is it your intention to create an outdoor space where friends and family can gather? Do you want the area to be kid-friendly?

Even if your gardening efforts are confined to a very small spot on the deck, think about what you want to create. Fairy gardens are intended to be small but that doesn’t make them less engaging.

Here are some additional elements to consider whether you’re designing a large backyard or a small pot:  Read more


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