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I loved the meditations at the start of each day. They really set the tone.
— Jane S

The training program exceeded my expectations. I am so proud to be a part of the Wind and Water family.
— Peggy H

I wholeheartedly recommend this program. I graduated from WW School in 2008 & have taken three Mastery Level Programs since. This is solid material & a solid school. We recently had a major event happen at our home (house fire).

Due to the knowledge I gained and principles I learned at WW School, we were able to embrace what happened, put it into perspective and move on with our lives. Thanks to Feng Shui, when we move back home, we will have new opportunities, a fresh start and a new home.
— Dorine K.

Carole Hyder and Lisa Janusz of the Wind & Water School of Feng Shui:  Life-changing.
— Anonymous


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